***Black*** Hexlox for NON Magnetic Bolts

The Hexlox Mi (magnetic insert) allows you to use Hexlox in NON magnetic hex bolts. Now your Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Titanium Hex Bolts can be secured by Hexlox

The Mi is a thin Neodym magnet that is permanently attached to the floor of your hex bolt. The magnet in the Hexlox then attaches to this magnet for a sturdy and secure fit.


hex bolt for 4mm hex key:
Hexlox 4mm are only availably for steel bolts. Use our 'Hexlox Hex Bolts' to replace non magnetic bolts if possible

hex bolt for 5mm hex key:
please select: '1 x 5mm Hexlox for Non Magnetic Bolts'.

This includes a special Hexlox that includes the magnetic insert (MI). Please note, an existing #5mm Hexlox can not be used with a MI (it is NOT retro-fit possible)

hex bolt for 6mm hex key:
please select: '1 x 6mm Hexlox for Non Magnetic Bolts'

To use existing #6mm Hexlox in non magnetic bolts, use the '1 x Magnetic Insert for 6mm Hexlox, retro-fit'. This can be used with any regular #6mm Hexlox

Alternatively you can swap your existing NON magnetic Hex Bolt for a regular Steel Bolt - We supply these - Hexlox Hex Bolts