Normal Bike with Wheel lock by Hexlox

Protect The Parts On Your "Normal" Bike Against Theft - With Hexlox

OK, so you're not into bike tech! No big deal...
The perfect bike for you is something that takes you from A to B with minimal fuss. Biking should be fun, relaxed and easy - we agree.

The latest aero wheels? Not for you... Thru-axles or Quick Release skewers? No idea... Discussing the merits of handlebar bags vs. seat-post bags? You don't care... Wearing lycra or Spandex? Not in a million years...

Relax, all this is totally fine with us. Even if we ourselves are somewhat on the geeky side when it comes to bike tech we are totally fine with your priorities. Even if you don't care too much about the gear, having your saddle - or wheel - stolen sucks. It really hard riding home without and it's a real hassle with the police report and the insurance companies.

It's not about the value of your bike - It's about the value of your own time! Get peace of mind with Hexlox.

Click on the Part of your Bike you'd like to protect against theft

Protect Your Wheels

Hexlox can protect your wheels... No matter if you have Quick Release, Nuts or Thru-axles...

Protect your saddle & seat post - and much more...

Hexlox can protect your Saddle, Seatpost, Handlebar, Stem, Pedals - and virtually anything else fastened with a steel hex bolt.