The Best Take Care of Your Wrist Handlebars from VeloSpring

VeloSpring - sen Confort - Walnut Wood Handle w. Integrated Spring

Anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd of generic-looking bikes and anyone who wants a warm and unique finishing touch will instantly appreciate the tactility of these handcrafted Walnut Wood handles. If you appreciate exceptional design and sinuous, sensual curves, these handles are for You. 

On top of all this, these handles are equipped with integrated springs that smooths out your ride. This means that the bumps in the road can no longer be transmitted to the arms and shoulders and You'll end up fresher after a long days ride.

We feel that these unique handles are a perfect candidate for the Curated by Hexlox collection because of their beauty and thoughtful design, as well as the sustainable production process that manufacturer Velospring has put in place..

  • Shock-absorbing
  • Absolutely unique look
  • Sustainable materials and award-winning green production
  • Durable design and sensual tactility - looks better with age

Made in Germany