Single Speed, Fixed Gear Anti-Theft Set


The Problem - and Our Solution:

Anyone with a hex tool or Allen wrench could simply unscrew your wheels and steel them. By replacing your current wheel nut with a Hexnut, combined with a Hexlox, you effectively secure your wheels against theft.  The Hexlox blocks access to the Hexnut and only you can lock, or unlock, your wheels using the coded Hexlox Key.

Who Should Buy the Hexnut:  

Anyone riding a fixie or single speed bike, or anyone with Shimano Alfine-Nexus or Rohloff hubs, who also want to protect their wheels against theft.

Wheel Axle Help:

9,00 mm  - M9 (front-wheel single speed)
9,53mm   - 3/8  (Shimano Alfine / Nexus)
10,0mm   - M10 (Rear wheel single speed, Rohloff, NuVinci, BionX)