Hexlox Security Skewer / No Worries set

Hexlox Security Skewers protect your wheels if you have Quick Release Skewers.

  • secure anti theft, anti spin design
  • lightweight, strong, aero
  • quick and easy installation

They are a standalone product and can also be used normally without Hexlox.
For any regular bike, MTB, cyclo cross, touring, commuter, suspension forks, road bikes and the average commuter. 

Package includes:
Skewer Front or
Skewer Rear or
Skewer Front & Rear
(for best fit axle bolts in two different length are included)

Secure with with 5mm Hexlox
one per skewer, select as many Hexlox as skewers if you buy more:

1x = Front or Rear
2x = Front & Rear
3x = Front & Rear + Front.


remove existing quick release skewer, replace with Hexlox skewer:

Hexlox Skewers fasten with a regular 5mm Allen Key / Hex Wrench (7Nm)

- Cold Rolled CrMo axle (10B21)
- Coloured all weather Cap (Black-Black) (Silver-Translucent)
- Specially designed Anti Spin Tooth & Conical form to deflect attack
- Install without removing your wheel
- Once the HexSkewer is installed, secure against theft with Hexlox
To make the Hexlox skewer compatible for a trailer, mudguard  or any extra wheel attachments see here.

An extended thread also makes these suitable for a 120mm rear dropout (track frame), 70mm Front drop-out (Brompton) and everything in between.

Assembly Instructions