The Doesn't Take Up Any Space Pump from Lezyne

Lezyne - MICRO Floor Drive HPG
Lezyne develops, designs and manufactures outstanding tools for bikes. From their vast catalog of gorgeous bike products, we carefully selected their Micro Floor Drive for the Curated by Hexlox Collection because we feel this is a must-have item for any serious rider.

This pump delivers floor pump efficiency - up to 160 Psi/11bar - in a super-compact, hand pump size. (We actually ride with this pump in the back pockets of our jerseys) 

  • Pressure up to 160psi - 11 Bar
  • Ultra-compact design - You can actually fit this pump into the back pocket of your jersey!
  • Piston, base and T-handle optimized for high-pressure
  • Lightweight CNC machined aluminum barrel
  • Footpeg for stability during usage
  • ABS Flip-Thread Chuck equipped
  • Gorgeous design - Impress the other riders
  • Includes composite matrix frame mount

Made in the USA